03 May 2010

Is it haunted?

We've spooked ourselves.

Yes, in our efforts to freak each other out, we've actually managed to convince ourselves that our house is haunted.

I cleaned the windows the other day but when I looked through them at dusk all I could see were cobwebs hanging thickly from corners and fireplaces.

When I went into the house the other day alone I felt a 'presence'. Strange noises and groans seemed to ooze from the walls. Ghosts of past owners perhaps...

Every so often, Stu launches out of the front door as if he's being pursued. When I question him, he says there's an old woman after him. A witch, to be sure.

So all ye who may partake of our hospitality in the dark nights be warned: When the light from yonder is gone and all is in darkness, strange spirits lurk...

Did I mention the doors that were banging last night...?


  1. That's spooky...and the picture on your page looks like someone was sitting there.



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