05 March 2011

Still obsessed...

We're still obsessed with our septic system...

We've been uncovering it, opening it, peering into it, testing it, emptying it, poking it, prodding it, stirring it and smelling it ever since we moved here.

Lately, we've become aware of a rather distasteful stench hanging around the house.

Because it smelled strangely like decomposing excrement and old grey water, we quickly suspected that our septic wasn't 'balanced'.

When we did our usual thing and surfed the internet for a solution, we found that we needed to re-balance the bacteria which breaks down the 'horribles'.

So now we're 'feeding' our septic system!

Yes, we regularly feed it with a lovely concoction of full cream milk and vinegar. This unusual combination is left in a bowl for about ten minutes to 'mature'. Once the mixture assumes the appearance of a congealed sort of curdled yoghurt, it's ready!

Then we tip it down the sink.

And we wait.

A few hours later this beautiful mix of healthy bacteria has commenced its work on our 'contributions' to the septic system and the air around the house smells like roses again (sort of...).

Our solution certainly beats dropping a newly killed chicken head into the septic...apparently the old Italian remedy...

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