26 August 2013

Mmm...islander food!

Fish and coconut cream curry, banana sago folds and fried sweet sago were on the menu tonight. These dishes were proffered to us when we delivered a chicken butter chicken to Serah and her family this afternoon. Our offering was supposed to pay them back for the delicious food that they brought to our place on the weekend. But now we find we owe again! Tonight's treats were even more exceptional. The fish curry especially was so flavoursome with a stock based on fish shells that the Masterchef judges would be proud. The fried sweet sago was crunchy and "coconutty" and the banana sago folds with coconut cream were chewy and delicious. We are not sure if we ate them the right way (Which one first? What goes with what? Is one of them a dessert?) but we just tucked into it all anyway and loved every mouthful!


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