02 November 2013

The courage to sing

When we were in Ialy two years ago, a middle aged woman who lived in a two storey apartment on one of the main streets used to throw her shutters wide, lean out of her window and sing opera to passers by. We would glance up and down the street in search of a Romeo or a television crew. But the street was always empty of any obvious distractions. Locals went about their business, ignoring this display of theatrical joy. If you looked at her, she would sing to you personally, arms extended and face expressive. It would be a momentous Italian moment. Although she only used to sing in the warmer months, we remembered to cast a glance up at her balcony two weeks ago on a yellow Autumn day. Unfortunately, the shutters were closed. But this is Italy. And Italians sing. That same day in our local cafe, a female customer joined a warbling love song playing on the radio. Simply glorious! She made everyone in the cafe smile.


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