24 December 2013

Rose hip tea

Some weeks ago I posted about the crop of rosehips on our two rose bushes. A friend encouraged me to harvest them and make tea. After surfing the internet, I found that I needed to wait until the first frost before picking them in order to maximise the taste as well as the vitamin C content. So after a few days of frost, I set off with my garden shears and collected a bowl of rosehips. I then proceeded to dry them, first in the oven, then on the radiator, before cutting and crushing them into pieces. The tea looks lovely and tastes delicious but at a ratio of 40 rosehips to 3/4 cup of dried tea I am not sure if this is the cottage industry for me!

Above: rosehips on the bush a few weeks before they were picked
Above: freshly picked full rosehips before they went into the oven to dry (8 hours)
Above: halved rosehips after drying
Above: rosehips after cutting and crushing (=rosehip tea)



  1. The perfect life. Yet no kids or grand kids. It must get empty at times. Tell Stuart his son said hello.

  2. Have you had some tea yet? Jaq :)


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