09 June 2014

Doe, a deer, a female deer...

We were driving home one day this week when we rounded a corner of our driveway to find a young doe standing on the verge staring at us. She hesitated, then ran a few metres away where she stopped to watch us. This is not a normal reaction. Deer usually don't wait around but immediately flee into the forest. There was something about the way she stayed and stared that made me realise she was worried. Then I recalled seeing something move in the grass under her before she fled. As I drove slowly on, I asked Stu to look out of his window (which was closest) to see if there was a fawn in the grass where she had been standing. Sure enough, Stu found a tiny spotted fawn crouching in the grass, trying its hardest to stay still but trembling wildly in fear instead. I drove on as quietly as I could, feeling deeply for how it might be to be newly born, brought to life in a quiet forest, only to have a huge noisy steel machine pass by you a few hours later...

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