06 February 2015

The rubbish must get through!

After spending two days indoors while the snow fell, we were keen to venture out this morning.

There was no hope of getting the car out unless we took to the snow shovel. And since we had read somewhere that snow shovelling in the morning creates a heightened risk of heart attack we now only do it in the afternoon.

So, with the added incentive of getting our rubbish out to the street where it could be collected by the comune this morning, we rugged up and set off on foot, dragging our rubbish behind us.

Alas! Our little stroll was fraught with difficulty!

Enter snow. Deep snow.

Enter tree. Fallen tree. Across road.

The snow was over our ankles which made every step of the one kilometre stretch a weightlifting exercise. A fallen tree across the road threatened to halt our progress unless we were able to penetrate it.

But the rubbish must get through...and it did...and the rubbish man was rewarded with a cappucino and brioche at our local cafe before we headed off to tackle the post-snow challenges again...

Above: Rubbish man ready to face the elements
Above: Rubbish man is brought to a halt by the sight of two fallen trees (one in the paddock and the other across the road)
Above: Rubbish man forces his way through fallen tree
Above: Rubbish man forges ahead


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