03 April 2016

I get a little bit more Italian every day!

I'd spent 3 hours on a computer at the driving school and was a little brain dead... So, before getting into the car to drive the half hour home, I dropped into a bar for a quick "pick me up". I wanted to be home before lunch so I decided to stand at the bar to slug my little short coffee. Like a real Italian. Strangely, I felt rather comfortable at the bar. I had a little talk to the bar staff and ordered my coffee (which arrived with a small crunchy and very sweet amaretti biscotto on the side). Then I allowed myself a smug little grin as I mixed the cacao into my short marrochino and drank it quickly before chasing it with the biscotto. After I paid, I walked out of the cafe feeling like I'd achieved something major in my desire to live and feel like an Italian...    


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    1. Haha! They tell me they do it in France too...so you can get back into it this month!


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