07 February 2014

Building and growing

With the sun shining, we wasted no time getting outside yesterday. Stu started the construction of a stone wall which will create a second terrace in the front garden. He will plant lawn on this terrace and we will place a statue or bird bath on it. I planted more box plants between the current hedge to ensure that it all joins up together nicely. Then I planted 2 more box plants along the driveway which will be subjected at some later date to my first awkward attempts at topiary. After that, I moved a lilac and planted 20 lavender and 10 rosemary cuttings in pots and put them in our greenhouse to take root. I will plant these herbs in the top paddock behind the house. We stopped for a late lunch in the sun, our first under the pergola since returning to Italy. At 10 degrees we took off our layers and life was close to perfect.

The new terrace rock wall

The lilacs all in a row

The greenhouse with cuttings


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