02 February 2014

The spring before the snow?

Before the snow came, we had a few exquisite blue sky days. So much so that we spent the afternoons outdoors. Stu moved firewood from inside the shed to an extended woodpile, taking the opportunity to split some of the larger pieces with his new wood splitter. At one point, I heard a yelp and looked up to see him jumping and spinning backwards out through the shed door. When I enquired about this strange behaviour, he said a rat had just run past his hand. We crept back into the shed together to find several nests made of ripped plastic, rope, bubble wrap and old gloves! Stu used a rake to move the wood from then on...

Above: Stu with his new toy...a wood splitter...and his extended woodpile

Above: the materials used by the rats for their nests


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