20 May 2014

A Belle Epoch experience

We have pulled ourselves away from our piece of paradise for a few days of abandoned pleasure at the Italian lakes with our friends. Yesterday was spent strolling around Stresa and Mergozzo, then dropping into one restaurant for lunch and two more to meet the owners who are friends of our friends. It was not too difficult to accept their offers of prosecco, homemade bread and air dried meats and dinner was certainly unnecessary after a day of continuous dining. Tomorrow we will venture out on Lago Maggiore to Isola Bella and spend a few hours at the island's palazzo and formal garden before returning to Mergozzo to enjoy a tasting experience at one of the restaurants from today, a Michelin 2 star establishment. But that's tomorrow. Tonight I watch the dark shapes of mountains on the other side of the lake and listen to the geese chattering on the shore.





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