25 May 2014

La cucina della Cath's Cache

After our wonderful experience at the Michelin 2 star restaurant near Lago Maggiore, I decided to conduct my own 5 star experience! Stu was a very able waiter, assisting me to "plate up" and deliver to my very elegant dining table!

Here's my menu...

Aperitivi: A selection of bites (cottage cheese and olives wrapped in brescaiola; smoked salmon, cottage cheese and capers on crackers)

Entree: Fava beans in three formats (broad beans, fava beans, husks sauteed in oil and garlic) served on a disc of creamy polenta with a caramelised onion sauce

Main: Beef olives served with scalloped potatoes and pea mash

Cheeses: A selection of cheeses (pecorino pepato, pecorino sardo, robbiola, brie) served with honey and cugna

Dessert: Sticky date and walnut pudding served with butterscotch sauce, soft whipped cream and a shard of chocolate

Coffee served with Cath's homemade grappa infusion






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