12 October 2014

Born into stifling heat

When we woke this morning it was to the bleat of newborn twin lambs.

At 10am, my sister Joanne, her husband Craig and my nephews Nic and Sam came out for a sausage sizzle lunch.

We spent ages watching the baby lambs struggling to walk. Then we dropped into the cafe for coffee and cake. With full tummies we set off for a walk around the museum before returning to camp for lunch.

Unfortunately camp was stinking hot so we retreated to the equally stinking hot camp kitchen to bbq our sausages and onions.

We ate our bbq lunch with red faces streaked with sweat before our visitors jumped into their air conditioned car for a luxuriously cool trip home to Toowoomba.

We washed the lunch dishes and are now sitting in our chairs under the annex enjoying a cool breeze which has (thankfully!) just arrived...

Above: twin newborn lambs

Above: my sister outside Craft Cottage in the museum


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