22 November 2014

Destruction is part of our life here

I've come to learn that there's a very fine line between "renovation" and "destruction".

We are again destroying our house under the guise of renovating our downstairs bathroom/laundry.

With the new septic system in place, we are now combining two squashy downstairs rooms (bathroom and laundry) to make a larger bathroom with a smaller laundry in a cupboard.

Stu has been jackhammering fiercely for a couple of weeks. Under the tiles and within the cement slab, there is an utter labyrinth of pipes and tubes of all types. Unfortunately he has discovered these the hard way, bursting our heating pipe as well as our main pipe into the house from the well. Our long suffering plumber has been called urgently twice and a third time today.

If we knew then what we know now we may never have started this job!

Here's the current state of our laundry...anyone have any washing!?



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