21 March 2015

Fienile renovation...

The last two weeks have been frantic, not because I've been particularly busy but because our muratore (Sandro) has been here progressing the renovation of the fienile...

Activity like this seems to render me useless. I'm too interested in keeping up with the various activities so I tend to wander around aimlessly with no purpose. I find myself turning in circles, staring at plants and spying on Sandro and his workers from various angles.

It's actually not that bad...but I do love discussing the job with Sandro and watching him bring our "dream" to life. He is incredibly enthusiastic and organised, arriving early every day with renewed energy.

Sandro "feels" old buildings and has an innate sense of what is right for them. I always defer to him for ideas. Today he told me he treats our place as if it's his own and indeed we have trusted him with access and concepts ever since he started working on our house a year or so ago.

Tomorrow is Sunday so he won't be here. It is also forecast to rain so I'll be inside all day and hopefully (with none of the usual distractions!) focused on writing a few posts about the work that has been done so far...



  1. Hope to see photos soon. Please send us some rain.

    1. I've finally uploaded a few posts...and more are on their way! I'd love to send you rain...we're far from dry here!


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