27 March 2015

Traditions are wonderfully alive here

Our muratore arrives every morning in a small truck with his two workers.

As I watched them arrive this morning, it occurred to me that I was watching something deeply traditional. The work they do is clearly an ancient craft but the work culture they have is also old.

In Australia, workers generally arrive at a job site in their own vehicles and are essentially independent of the boss.

In Italy they arrive together, smiling and laughing. During the day, they are constantly talking and coordinating, always looking for opportunities to help each other. There is a "togetherness" which I can only assume comes from an old culture that respects family and community.

There is somehow a sense of intimacy.

I have to keep pinching myself to ensure that I never take this wonderful Italian culture for granted...

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  1. So true Cath. A much more communal, collaborative work culture. We've noticed this too.


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