27 June 2015

Non-bathroom project activity

Frustration has been building with the state of our shed.

Some of you know that we try to live a minimalist life. Well, it must be said that the shed in no way reflects this lifestyle.

It is wildly out of control, with garden tools hidden amidst piles of timber, cement and rendering items mixed up with painting paraphernalia, rats nests in coils of ropes, etc.

Yes, you read correctly. Rats nests.

So we spent a day this week organising our shed. Since we will be renovating the shed in the next few months, we took the opportunity to move the painting, gardening and electrical items to a temporary location in the rustico.

Then Stu removed the rats nests and presented me with the ropes which stank of rat urine. I was given instructions to soak them in bleach, then dry them on the driveway gravel. I soaked them, then promptly forgot about them! I last saw them drying on the driveway yesterday so I guess Stu must have got involved when he found the festering bucket. This happens with a lot of my tasks...it's one of the hazards of being with an easily distracted person.

There is always a good reason for my distraction though. I left my task to attack a wildly out of control wisteria. The 100 year old vine is so triffid-like that it threatens to wrap around our necks while we're sitting under the pergola! I took to it with the shears and hedge clippers, cutting off several unwanted branches and removing old seed pods. I also trimmed the skirt which hangs down the sides of the pergola to provide shade in the late afternoon and removed thick growth next to the house to let more light into the lounge and dining rooms.

It now looks inviting...just the place for tomorrow's breakfast!



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