09 June 2015

Walking amongst the vines at Strevi

We have just survived a five-day heatwave in which temperatures hovered between 38 and 40 degrees!

So what did we choose to do on one of these days?

We chose to wander amidst the vineyards during the hottest hours to experience a roving lunch at 6 different wineries!

The flow of the walk required us to backtrack in order to eat our meal in the proper order (antipasti, insalata, primi, secondi, dolce, formaggio).

However, with the heat already rising off the earth before we set off, we quickly decided there was nothing wrong with having primi first and moving on to dessert immediately!

The meal consisted of farinata, followed by bunet/pastry/biscuit/cake, then chicken salad and ravioli, ending with antipasti and cheeses.

At the winery providing the farinata, the owners were carrying large branches of cherry trees around their guests. These branches were heavily laden with the most perfectly formed and sweet cherries. We thought this a very authentic but rather drastic way of distributing cherries. When we asked about the longevity of the poor tree that must surely lose all of its limbs over the course of the day, the owners explained that they cannot afford to pick the cherries this year so they will fall and waste anyway.

At the winery offering the ravioli, we sat under polythene covers erected to protect us from the sun. Unfortunately, these amplified the heat so drastically that we ate the delicious ravioli as quickly as we could and took our red faces and dripping bodies into their cantina to cool down enough to walk to the next winery.

At the winery providing the cheeses, we were entertained with live music and a light breeze. These pleasant distractions ensured that we left the event with nothing but happy thoughts despite the discomfort of the weather.

We returned to our cars with nothing on our minds other than immediate air-conditioning...and cold showers back at home.




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