27 February 2016

Better late than never!

While we were in Australia, we checked the weather forecast for Canelli almost daily.

We did this mainly so that we would be aware of any danger of our pipes freezing and bursting...but also so that we could guess at the likely productivity of our fruit trees and our region's grape vines during spring and summer.

We noted that our area had received no snow at all, only a tiny drop of rain and temperatures well above zero.

This didn't bode well for the fruit or the grapes.

So, I was very happy to see the weather report yesterday forecasting snow last night.

I was even happier when the television suddenly lost signal at 8pm last night (this usually happens when we have some sort of meterological disruption!).

When I peered out the window, I saw thick snow falling.

Sadly, our ground temperatures are too warm so it's not going to last long...but hopefully it will encourage a slightly more productive season...


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