19 March 2016

Finally, a place to put our linen!

Ever since we've lived here we've struggled with storage.

We came here with 2 old Ikea wardrobes that we bought 10 years ago. Stu cut these down to fit in the dark narrow space that was our laundry for a while. But then we did the laundry/bathroom renovation and we had to move this cupboard into the cellar where the linen was often damp and smelly.

During the months of really high humidity, I would have to walk all of our linen upstairs and store it on the bed in the spare bedroom instead!

It seems that our linen has kept me constantly engaged!

With the downstairs laundry/bathroom renovation now finished (well, almost!), Stu has turned his attention to the space which is to be designated as our new linen cupboard.

The old Ikea shelving was again dismantled, cut down and fitted into the new smaller space and we now have a permanent linen cupboard where our sheets and towels will not get damp!


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