13 March 2016

The Dusty Fork - The Concept

We and two other couples have decided to challenge ourselves to a whole new level of dining experience.

We have created the "3 Star Michelin Restaurant Challenge"!

The idea is that each couple creates and delivers a top class dining experience for the other two couples. The dinners must demonstrate quality food, wine, service and plating. The "competition" (which, in the interest of remaining friends, will be a "non-competition") will take place over a 3 week period, with 1 dinner a week.

The first couple launched their "restaurant" this week, with a 6-course tasting menu. They had gone to a lot of trouble making special aprons with the restaurant name on them, setting the table and making little signs that explained each course. The evening was full of oohs, aahs, laughs, insults and tantrums. It was a perfect evening, made even better by a temperamental chef, a lazy waiter and several difficult clients.

We are the second couple and our "restaurant" will be launched in a few days.

Over recent weeks, we have been having a wonderful time playing with possible restaurant names and themes, thinking up dishes, pairing foods with wines and using our creative energies to make pretty plating up designs.

Our "restaurant" is called "The Dusty Fork" in honour of the constant dust that we manage to create here as part of our renovations. The name is a combination of Stu's preferred choice "Dine in the Dust" and my preferred choice "Fork in the Forest". Our restaurant will serve "quality local food delivered in a rustic natural environment".

Our invitations have been issued to the other couples, who will play the role of "highly respected food critics of discerning taste and international standing".

With only a few days to go, preparations are well underway. Plates have been washed (42 of them!), glasses have been polished (36 of them!) and 8 hours has been spent making garnishes!

Here are a few photos showing the food from the first event...








  1. Must admit I got an early review via Sassi. Sounds wonderful!!! If it catches on you could fly a chef from California as a guest host. I may know of someone. Please do not let Stuart get too down on himself-- mowing the grass is a noble occupation.

    1. Read the latest post...Stu did well, although as an entertainer rather than as a sommelier. We still need a half decent sommelier...please forward details of the "someone" you know...


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