30 September 2013

Everlasting daisies, outback windmills and suitcases

On my last day in Australia (today), my mum and dad took me to two parks in Toowoomba so that I could appreciate the beauty of a Queensland high country Spring for the last time. First, we went to Laurel Bank Park, then to Queens Park. Symbols of Australia that I found during my wanderings included an everlasting daisy and a collection of windmills at the Cobb & Co museum. Later, my selfless parents drove me 2 hours to Brisbane where lined up suitcases reminded me of the windmills...there are certain similarities of a weird artistic and poetic kind. I have just said goodbye to mum and dad who have to drive another 2 hours back to Toowoomba. I feel dazed and shocked and I am not sure if I really understand the magnitude of the recent and next changes in my life..



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