30 September 2013

"Stopping over" is new to us

Our final night in Australia was restless. Very restless. We climbed into bed at midnight and I woke at 4am after a night during which my mind refused to let several worries go. Stuart sensed I was awake so we got up and boiled the jug for a cup of tea. At least we will be slightly less jet lagged at the other end...but that won't help us today! One of the worries was leaving mum and dad. It took a conversation with Stuart for me to accept that this issue only exists because I think I have to wait to accrue annual leave! I have to get my head around the "time freedom" that not working now brings to me. The other worry was the thought that a 30 hour continuous journey loomed ahead of us. I cannot adjust to the concept of "stopover". In every one of our previous personal and business trips we have never "stopped over"! This time we have a 9 hour flight to Hong Kong where we stay for 2 nights! "Easy peasy" as they say...


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