19 September 2013

News report

Aunty Da (me) is in Canberra with sole frightening responsibility for one of her nephews. Scary stuff, made even scarier by a "squashed nephew finger" mishap today. Despite this setback, the neglectful 48 year old aunt did find time to behave like her 6 year old nephews and "play" on the acorns at the arboretum. Sadly, the aunt suffered some bruising on her knees during the excursion, got stuck in several positions that required awkward untangling of inflexible appendages and failed to complete the challenging slippery slide at the end.

Footnote: This photo shows the aunt's sister, who was able to climb the acorns on her feet and therefore suffered no bruising. A photo of the aunt is unavailable (thank goodness!)...


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