28 August 2014

The septic job just gets bigger and bigger...

The project to install a new septic system continues...

This week the contractors returned (after Ferragosto) and launched immediately into destroying yet more of our yard! Obviously it needs to be done in order to lay the new pipes with the correct fall. However, every time the digger rips a slice of earth out it also rips our hearts out!

We have to keep reminding each other that once this is done we are free of septic worries and free to pretty up the area...no more blockages, no more digging, no more disruption, no more destruction. It will be a good feeling.

There is a labyrinth of pipes and tubes under the area. It's a total mess. Previous owners have each done their own "improvements" and there are used and disused pipes everywhere of all types (well water, storm water, septic, gas, electricity). This makes digging slow and risky. There is also buried rubbish which also has to be uncovered carefully just in case it's not rubbish!

Before Ferragosto the digger broke our main water pipe from the well (see posts on 12th & 13th August) and yesterday it broke it again. On both occasions we have had to make urgent calls to our plumber who, thankfully, has come out within hours to re-connect it. We place absolutely no blame on our contractors though. This job is a nightmare.

Above: Before the pipes were laid

Above: After the pipes were laid


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