13 August 2014

There are white tops where the big yellow things are!

The work on the new septic system continued all day yesterday and this morning until our contractors were rained out at noon.

Yesterday they dug the exit trench, then prepared and positioned the inspection points and pipes before connecting all of the components. The exit trench took considerable time because they had to dig very carefully in order to avoid the main gas line. We knew it was there but not exactly where! When they found it, they chose to dig around it by hand to expose it properly.

Today, under threateningly dark and heavy clouds, the contractors cemented the top of the main tank for extra protection. They also took the opportunity to cement around the gas line and were able to bury most of the system before heavy rain started. Rainwear kept them dry while they buried the remainder of the system and hosed thick clay off the digger's tracks. At noon they loaded the clean digger onto the truck and wobbled their way down a partly underwater driveway through a dripping forest.

Since next week is Ferragosto they will recommence work the following week...

Above: Digging the exit trench

Above: All main parts in position

Above: Cementing the top of the main tank and covering the exit trench

Above: Washing the mud off the digger in the rain

Above: Our new septic system partially installed...and our new clay bog...


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