18 December 2014

Dirt + rain = mud

With an incredible amount of almost continuous rain this year the area around the house is quickly turning to mud.

We have loamy soil which is great for growing grapes but makes mud that is thick, dense and oozey.

The entire area was dug up only a few months ago for the installation of our new septic system. Autumn is a little late to be doing such a messy job but we had hoped that the huge load of gravel that was spread over the area afterwards would be enough to cover the dirt and get us through winter.

Unfortunately, it wasn't.

Every time we take the car out the tyres massage, push and squelch every little piece of our precious gravel yet deeper into the mire.

This week we've gone into damage control and laid wheelbarrow loads of our renovation rubble over the muddier parts. Stu loaded and emptied the wheelbarrow while I crushed the larger pieces of rubble with the sledge hammer.

My arms were warm and fuzzy afterwards...but progressively deteriorated to hot and sore within hours...


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