18 December 2014

The things we do to manage our mud

Today we managed to compound our mud problem by accepting a delivery of tiles and pavers that we had ordered some time ago.

There was simply no way that we could risk having the heavy delivery truck anywhere near the turnaround at the house so we had organised to meet the truck at the beginning of our road. The plan was to have the materials offloaded there and we would ferry the building materials up to the house ourselves using our car and trailer.

Early this morning a phone call from the building supplies company advised that the truck would arrive within 10 minutes. We dashed around getting dressed, brushing teeth and grabbing car keys and were out of the house and driving down our track in no time at all only to find the truck already waiting for us at the start of our road. We discussed the exact location and process of unloading with the driver then stood and watched as he operated the truck's hydraulic crane to set down the 4 pallets of materials.

We had believed our plan was a good one but after watching the truck amble away and leave us with 3 tonne of materials to move by hand, a worried silence fell over us.

But this was not a time for wallowing. We had an expensive delivery that needed to be secured back at the house so we cut the plastic shrinkwrap off the first pallet and started to load our little trailer.

We worked continuously for 6 hours.

We moved 10 trailer loads, each weighing 300kg.

We handled 3 tonne of product twice...loading it and unloading it...a total of 6 tonne of "weight lifting"...

I wonder how my arms will feel tomorrow?






  1. Wow! Better than a trips to the gym!

    1. I hope so...i'm trying to count calories and exercise points using the My Fitness Pal app at the moment. Unfort it doesnt contain an exercise along the lines of "moving bricks and pavers" so i added 2 hours of weightlifting instead :-)

  2. Ouch!! Hope you had plenty of meat pies ready for when you finished.

    1. Niente. Only a cold sanga (sandwich to a non-Aussie)... :-(


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