09 October 2013


You know those sweet little bees that I told you about yesterday morning and that caused me to have a guilt wracked day? Well, a have part two of that story... I was washing in the bathroom, an event which can only occur in a stark naked manner since we have no hot water to the showers. This is clearly a whole separate story so suffice to say that for 7 days we have been washing out of our bathroom sinks using wash cloths which generally causes a lot of splashing. Anyway, I was standing before the sink covered only in my skin when I heard a screech from the bedroom. I delayed my reaction thinking I would throw something on first. Another more panicked screech found me running into the bedroom in a nude state to find Stuart holding my yoga mat up to the ceiling of the window cavity with one hand and spraying insect poison all over the general surrounds. "Get something! The bees are coming in!" He yelled at me. I launched towards my dressing gown, desperate to be covered before I went downstairs. But the panicked look on Stuarts face caused me to forget all semblance of decency. "Get some cardboard!" I tore into the spare bedroom and brought a large removalists box back with me. I ripped the top flap off it and gave it to Stuart. "Get something to wedge it up to the ceiling!" I flew down the stairs, breasts swinging wildly from one wall to the other. I crouched at the front french door to check that no Italian pervert happened to have his face attached to the window, before streaking across to the kichen, then the laundry. I grasped a small coffee table, a plastic bucket of bread making flour and a number of sheet sets still in their packaging. I flew back up the stairs, all the while wondering what my arse looked like from behind. When Stuart saw my collection of things, I could see he was not impressed. But I took control, placing the coffee table on the window sill such that the yoga mat could sit on it and provide enough pressure to hold the cardboard flap up to the ceiling. This would free up Stuarts hands and give us time to think. What about the sheets, you ask? Well, sometimes panic causes us to do strange things. A few minutes later, Stuart had cut a piece of foam to replace the cardboard flap and a couple of pieces of wood to replace the yoga mat. Here is our interim solution to keep the bees out until we can find a bee keeper who can help us...


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