24 October 2013

Staying the same

After two weeks here, we are feeling more at home. This morning we made our first trip to the street market. It was exactly the same. Same stalls, same owners, same customers, same seasonal produce, same plaited onions. In contrast, our entire lives have been lived in a state of constant change. We have lived in 20 homes in 5 countries in 20 years. Now here we were, faced with a familiarity that we hadn't expected. There was something beautifully constant about it and it was in this warm glow of belonging that we left the street market and walked to our butcher. Here, our sense of continuity was suddenly destroyed. We learned that our lovely butcher had died a few months ago. He was an older man who treated his customers with kindness and dedication and the meat in his shop with pride and respect. Change has visited our town after all.


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