21 October 2013

The curse of the old fireplaces

Finally, a job that we have been avoiding for four years has been done. When we purchased the place in 2009, a number of old fireplaces came with it. At the time, we thought this was the greatest coup...six antique fireplaces thrown in! It didn't take us long to realise that each fireplace weighed as much as a small car...or seemed to. So, for the next four years we looked at them, tried to pick them up occasionally and told ourselves how lucky we were to have them. It has been only recently that we have cursed them. They will be too heavy for our new wooden floors and we needed to move them in order to proceed with our demolition. After several days, and a very slow process that had us thinking in terms of imperial measurement ("inch by inch"), they are no longer internal antique fireplaces but external incidental tables or pot plant holders! Here are some photos of the effort to move four of them, which took all morning!






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