28 July 2014

Production update

It is with mixed feelings that I announce my temporary retirement from plum jam production. We have more than enough but the real reason is that the plum season is almost over, with many of the remaining fruit now splitting and falling. I picked the last of the best fruit off the trees today and made several batches of stewed fruit which I will freeze so that we can enjoy a taste of summer when our cold winter is upon us.

My relish production is also over. We have more than enough of 3 types of relish in our stock. However the tomatoes are still hanging thick and heavy on the tomato plants so I will make tomato sauce out of the remaining crops, which is useful for almost everything I cook!

Stu dug up a quarter of the potato patch today and was very pleased with his bounty. The healthy red tatties are now drying in the cantine before he stacks them in a cane basket for longterm keeping.


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