07 July 2014

The bathroom renovation continues

Stu has been continuing with the bathroom/laundry renovation, expedited by our need to get the new septic system installed before the weather turns cold. Today he jackhammered off another quarter of the tiles along with the thick cement-like glue that was holding them on. Tomorrow he will move the clawfoot bath so that he can finish that corner of the room completely. Then he will start on the tiles in the adjacent hallway. Once all of the tiles are off, the ground floor will be level throughout and we can start to think about the continuous tile that we want. But first we will invite our geometra and plumber to view the exposed pipe situation so far so that we can plan the separation of the grey and black water for the new septic system as required by the local commune. The rubble from this project is going straight into our trailer and deposited into the potholes along our driveway with the help of a shovel and sledgehammer.



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