05 February 2011

Stripping, filling & painting

Stu and I work well as a team. Well, most of the time.

One of my major jobs this year has been to restore our internal doors.

When we arrived here, all of the upstairs internal doors were painted black.

I have trouble with black doors. I think they look depressing and uninviting.

So I determined to re-create them...

My first attempt to strip, sand, fill and stain a door was a nightmare. I tried to do it without the assistance of stripper and it was only when I realised that there were multiple layers of lead-based paint on the door that I realised chemical assistance was absolutely necessary.

Then, once I'd stripped the old layers of brown, olive green and black paint off as much as I could, I realised that it was always going to remain patchy and wouldn't take an even stain.

So I stripped it as evenly as I could, filled the many cracks and holes that punctured its surface, then painted it a warm cream water-based colour!

Since that first door, I've done three more. They are all matching and the same cream colour. They make me want to walk into the rooms that hide behind them.

Stu and I make a good 'door team'. Stu removes them, I restore them and Stu re-hangs them.

The only time he has become frustrated with me was when, in my enthusiasm, I filled some bolt holes that he'd painstakingly measured for re-hanging!