20 March 2014

Old things

On a hot, still day in Toowoomba we set off to our morning tea destination. We were going to The Barn, a historical rural property about 20 minutes from town. After a beautiful drive through natural Australian bush and across floodways spanning dry creeks with rocky beds, we turned into a dusty driveway and pulled up beside an old tin shed. A glance outside the car revealed old farm equipment and old vehicles, all of which oozed into their dry surroundings in a lovely rusty red way. We wandered into the tin shed, which contained a cafe and were treated to yet more old things, this time of a domestic nature. There were meat safes, wicker prams, milk cannisters, a bush shower, kitchen implements and wooden chests. As you can imagine, I was in my element!

19 March 2014

A garden returns

Spring is upon us in a beautiful way. Grass is growing, trees are shooting and bulbs are emerging. There is no greater reward for getting through winter.



10 March 2014


For those of you who are wondering why there has been a lack of postings over the last two weeks, it hasn't been because of a sudden loss of interest in life writing but because of a sudden lack of good internet connection. However, rest assured that I have still been writing so when it returns I will be ready to roll!


06 March 2014

Snow to welcome Spring, then the work begins...

The promised snow DID arrive last week but it didn't lay. Unfortunately, it was followed by 4 days of solid rain which was rather miserable. But today was exquisite and we were overjoyed when a treasured friend offered to help us prune our apple trees. The trees had been neglected by the previous owner and we had only managed to give them a light prune when we lived here 3 years ago. So it wasn't a simple prune. Instead it involved reducing the height considerably, removing selected boughs to allow sunlight to reach into the centre of the tree and shaping the remaining branches. They look wonderful now...and loved. But our job is not yet done. We carted 6 trailer loads of offcuts back to the house and now have a days work in mulching the smaller wood for garden beds and chain sawing the larger wood for firewood.