13 December 2010

Addendum to previous posting

This is to advise that a down and feather doona was purchased today...

There is hope...

10 December 2010

Sex has left the building

Our sex life has taken a dive...

It's decreased like the plummeting temperatures and almost disappeared like our flowering plants in the frost and snow...

It all started when I tossed and turned in bed one night because I was cold.

It didn't take me long to go looking for the cardboard storage box that contained 'bedding'. I pulled out a woollen blanket which I draped over our supposedly already warm woollen doona.

A few days later I found myself again tossing and turning.

I went back to the box and dragged out another woollen blanket and draped this one on top of the supposedly warm woollen doona and the other woollen blanket.

We were now weighed down by bedding and could barely turn in bed.

A few days later I reached into the never-opened 'third drawer'of my bedside cabinet and pulled out a set of old pyjamas. They were faded, stretched and buttoned to the neck.

Another few days and I had fluffy pink socks on.

Another few days and I'd stooped as low as I could get.

I went to the hat and scarf drawer and pulled out a beanie.

Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that I now wear a beanie in bed.

Any hopes of a recovery in our sex life were dashed this week when Stu told me he felt like he was sleeping with 'Dicky Knee'...

(For the non-Australians who read this Blog, Dicky Knee was a character on an Australian comedy show called Hey Hey it's Saturday which was broadcast during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Dicky Knee was simply a 'head on a stick' that wore a cap. He would appear suddenly throughout the show to hassle the compere. I guess when Stu looks at me in bed these days all he sees is a head with a beanie that may as well be attached to a stick under the sheets... ;-(

I've done it again...

I've done it again...

I told the curtain man who came to measure our windows that he shouldn't come in his truck because the road was 'not good'.

'Not good' was the best I could do because I didn't know the Italian words for 'cut up', 'ruined', 'stuffed' or 'muddy mess'.

Anyway, when he looked at me I saw the usual confused expression so I felt compelled to try to explain.

Unfortunately I got the words for 'truck' and 'chimney' confused and told him 'a chimney had driven up our road and made it not good'.

He still looked confused but at least I learned the word for mud out of this exchange (I spied a muddy puddle outside his shop and asked him what it was...)