19 October 2009

The First Garden Bed & A Clean Garage

Yesterday was a big day in the garden (well, not that we actually have a garden yet...but we live in hope...).

We built our first garden bed, not an easy thing when you have to re-position a border that is made up of Piemonte pietra (stones) that are absolutely huge and weight a tonne!

We have decided to 'pretty up' the area around the house. At the moment it is a bit of a construction site with lots of gravel and piles of crap (broken bricks, broken tiles, wood, etc.). We have decided to make a few garden beds close to the house to give a softness to the building. The garden bed we did yesterday will be for tomatoes and is directly outside the house kitchen.

We also cleaned out the garage so that we could access a huge old wine barrel that was in there. Unfortunately, the wine barrel was full of bean bag polystyrene balls which were a challenge to package for disposal! But we have now finally got access to the wine barrel!

We have found a place in the garden to put it and now just need to fill the jerry can with petrol (why, you ask?), which will enable us to cut the dead tree down that is currently where we want to put the barrel!

Every job around here seems to be connected to another job...which means that everything requires massive planning if you want to feel in any way organised!

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