20 August 2015

Retaining the tastes of summer...

This week our friends Mardee and Mal gave us a bag of figs from their organic trees. Neither Stu nor I had ever eaten a fresh fig but we are now converts!

But we already had a house full of fresh fruit, including 2 crates of organic peaches that we had purchased from a little roadside hut near us!

So I turned to my cook books for inspiration and found several interesting recipes which would allow us to retain the taste of these summer treats and enjoy them in winter.

Over the last few days I have made 4 jars of spiced fig chutney, 6 jars of spiced plum chutney, 10 jars of plum jam and 4 jars of pickled cucumbers!

Even after all this cooking we still have heaps of peaches left over for our bircher muesli during the week...



  1. Hi, we became "fig people" after we moved to California. Now we are hooked,too. Before moving here we thought figs were just cookies-- fig newtons. Peaches are almost gone and blueberries a distant memory. But the good news is we are up to our... In tomatoes and peppers.

    1. Well, I received another bucket of figs today and made another batch of fig chutney (using a different recipe which seems to make better chutney!). Our tomatoes are coming in but the weather has turned so it's only a matter of weeks before we lose the stone fruit!


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