06 February 2016

Home again!

After a wonderful 3.5 months in Australia, we arrived back in Italy a few days ago.

Our re-introduction has been surprisingly smooth.

All of my concerns that I'd somehow lost every single Italian word I ever knew evaporated when Stu forced me into town on our first day back.

In no time at all, we were talking to our fresh pasta maker, then to the ladies on the fruit and vegetable stall at the market, then to our bakers and butchers.

The next day we focused on heating and car maintenance which again had us out there talking, first to arrange a pallet of pellets, then to check a strange clunk in the back of the car.

We are now cosied up in our loungeroom, happy in the knowledge that our pellet fire will continue to burn for another few weeks and that our car needs a little attention but isn't dangerous to drive!


  1. Glad you are back. Every time you talk about going to town I think of your bar and the great coffee and free lunch. Please let us know when Stu starts building something.

    1. There is a new young server in that bar (Caffe Roma). She knows our order off by heart and now just gets it ready as soon as she sees us walk in! We dont even have to order! When are you coming over? Stu needs someone to highlight more jobs for him!

  2. Looks like you had a great time in Oz. Back in time for a cold snap, but with good food and warm fire and a glass of local wine, you should be ok.
    I did not realise you were only 4hr drive on the other side of the Alps. We will have to come visit soon, perhaps in the spring

    1. Hi Chris. Great to hear from you! I saw on Linked In that you're doing well and are in Switzerland (Zug?). Yes, let's get together some time! How's Pat? Please remind her that I will never forget how she "saved" me from a stupid decision to move to QCL...she probably wont remember but please tell her I will never forget! ;-)

  3. Hi Cath, really happy to have rediscovered your blog... Would love to see your "punch list" for the place, and see if there is anywhere we could contribute! This life of renting in Switzerland is killing us, because I dream of ripping out walls and rewiring things to a lower standard. Is Italy the place for me to bring just enough knowledge to be dangerous?

    I love following the minimalist trail, thanks for the updates, and finally - do you order a long black or an americano? I am only recently schooled in the difference...

    Jim Noon

    1. Ciao Gimmi! Wrapt to hear that you've been following my blogs and my pursuit of minimalism. Yes, Italy is definitely the place where you can do imperfect reno jobs because none of your walls are at right angles! You've lasted a lot longer than us in "the perfect country" but finally you see the light...there is life after work...and it's really good... ;-)


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