01 June 2013

Lazy Sundays - Hot Stuff and Strange Activity

We've had a lazy Sunday. What a statement! That makes it sound like it's actually possible to have busy Sundays here. But the truth is that there are only lazy Sundays to be had...which of course is special in its own way. So I've been taking photos around the house. I have more flowers to show you tomorrow. This morning we bought a pretty little arrangement of chillis from the local market which was worth posting immediately. This afternoon we heard nationals with sling shots over the fence and spent some time peering at them from the observation tower (our upstairs bedroom). They were hunting for something high up in the trees, unseen to us. Five men crept through the area just outside the compound fence and glanced over at us several times as if our attention worried them. We can only assume that they should not have been hunting there, that the use of a sling shot is illegal or that whatever they were hunting is protected. Ahh...ignorance is bliss...


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