01 June 2013


We had a sleepless night last night. Remember a few days ago I told you how special the noises of the jungle are? Well, I think I've changed my mind. Maybe we moved into a different season or something...but the spooks were certainly out in the dark foggy hours of last night. Sometimes we were woken by screeches, other times by chirps. There were also beeps, clunks, plops and bangs. At 3am we were both woken at once by a foreign object moving in the roof, then by another falling on the roof! Have I explained that we live on the edge of a precipice that falls two hundred feet to a wild river? Mmm... There are three threats to us here: trees falling on roofs, earthquakes and landslides. Last night "trees falling on roof" featured strongly. However, I must say that some of my "best" nightmares feature suffocation under mud.

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