17 August 2013

Humbled again

This afternoon, a typical rainy Tabubil Sunday, we received a phone call. It was Serah, the team member who visited us a couple of days ago to give us gifts. She told us that her children were upset and wanted to visit again "because we gave all the gifts to Boss and not enough gifts to Stuart and now we have gifts for Stuart". They were on their way. So I flew into the kitchen to make a quick-mix chocolate cake with thick butter icing in readiness for their arrival. This was a fortunate decision because when they arrived they carried not only a bag of gifts but also a coconut fish curry and banana sago! After we convinced them to sit down, they presented Stu with a "Bilum", a traditional woven bag with a forehead strap that is only made and worn in the highlands of PNG. We shared the food, talked for an hour, laughed a lot and took photos. Then they left to enjoy the rest of their Sunday, leaving us to again wonder about the generosity and selflessness of these people.



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