30 June 2014

Kiwis for a Kiwi

Being a New Zealander, Stu was delighted to discover that Piemonte has a good climate for growing kiwi fruit! He researched and purchased four vines (2 female and 2 male) then set about making the pergola to support them. The typical optimist: enthusiasm before practicalities. First he had to clear some scrub off the fienile to find enough straight tree branches. Then he erected a lovely rustic contraption which will also serve as a compost bin. He planted the kiwi vines on each corner and into soil enriched with our compost. The vines were promptly watered by a storm which gave them a good dose of nitrogen. We have so much work to do here...but sometimes we just have to put the garden first to ensure that plants are ready for us to enjoy once the renovation is finished...



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