12 May 2015

Our fienile is used for the first time

We spent this week "moving into" our new/old fienile.

First, Stu erected our outdoor table and chairs. This was a special event in itself because we've had the setting for about 10 years but have resisted setting it up under our pergola because we wanted something that would feel "new" in the fienile when it was eventually finished. After the setting was in place, Stu moved the BBQ into a corner which has a view over the vegetable garden. He also fitted a rather posh stainless steel bar to the wall from which he has hung his cooking utensils!

While Stu did these tasks, I gathered some of the antique farm items that we'd found around the place when we first purchased the property. These included a hand crafted wooden rake, a handmade wooden bed warmer, a wooden pizza paddle, and a wooden structure that we can't exactly recognise but that could be a cattle yoke or something associated with a pig trough (!?).

I also found an old candelabra which has points for 6 candles. We will hang this off an old chain over the central beam.

Then I donned my decorators hat and got arty with the little nook in the rear stone wall. I wandered around the house looking for anything that might suit this special little spot that our muratore had created for us. I found my collection of 4 copper items (including a milk can, a kettle, a cake mould and a small cup), 6 green bottles (complete with a decent covering of dust!), an old wine bottle washer, a green glass vase and 2 ivy potplants.

To add just a little more style, we added a small round glass table, a large wooden table and a cane basket, along with a large cane chair with soft cushions that will be a favoured destination for siestas!

With our fienile now "dressed" and crying out for people to enjoy it, we had our first BBQ last night and have organised a party for 35 friends in a couple of weeks time!





  1. Looks Great!! Wish we could be there but...

    1. We live in hope that you'll be here next year! We have told d n j that we expect to be invited to any little trip away you have with them (eg like Stresa) :-)


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