09 May 2015

Our garden is a jungle

After being in Australia for 5 weeks, we returned a few days ago to a veritable jungle in our little valley.

Spring has brought rain and heat, a combination that encourages phenomenal growth here.

I managed to weed half the garden today and will do the other half tomorrow. Stu has been busy with the lawn mower and whipper snipper (translation: "weed wacker" for our American friends or "strimmer" for our English friends).

We are keen to get it under control and beautiful again so that we can sit in our new/old fienile and enjoy it!

Above: My pergola garden where the plants are lost amongst the weeds

Above: The first of many wheelbarrows full of weeds

Above: We won't mow our paddocks yet; we'll let the bees and butterflies frollick amongst the wild flowers a bit longer!



  1. Does not look that bad to me. I am sure in a matter of days it will be perfect again. Gotta send you some photos of our stuff soon. Glad you are back!!!

    1. Around the house was bad but thats been tackled now. We always leave the fields until after the bees and butterflies are finished with them (probably another week)


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