15 May 2015

Seeing the happy or the sad...

Stu and I were talking the other day about The Past.

When Stu looks at old photos of someone or something from his past he is happy. He thinks fondly of the people, remembers what great times they were and looks forward to the same memories being created in the future.

When I look at old photos I am sad. I wallow in a big hole of contemplation. I remember how valuable a person was to me, how things have changed and how fast time has passed by. I decide that everything in the future will be "lost" in the same way.

For consideration...



  1. You know I used to be a big time runner. During races I would run with someone for awhile and then move forward or back and they would be gone. But the time spent was always good. I learned people move through our lives and we need to enjoy all the moments we have.

    1. Great words Tom. Yes, you are absolutely right...we need to realise that time passes too fast and we must enjoy and appreciate every moment...


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