08 July 2015

The tiles have been cut and we're now laying them!

The past week has been hot.

Temperatures have been between 33 and 35 degrees consistently and humidity has been 60-70%.

Our house's 60cm thick stone walls mean that it's cooler inside than outside by 8-10 degrees so it has been good to have an inside task to keep us busy during the heatwave.

In the first half of the week, Stu cut tiles and for the last few days we've worked together to lay them. It's exhausting, mixing a very heavy and gooey glue that seems to have weird sticking power, then getting up and down off the floor for hours. It's especially hard as we're trying to get the floor level with the rest of the house.

Stu has also covered the utility wall, behind which all of the piping is hidden.

Once we finish tiling the floor, I will start grouting while Stu commences the upright tiling on the wall.

Above: The bathroom half tiled

Above: The entry passage tiled and ready to be tidied around the walls and grouted

Above: The utility wall lined...a trial positioning confirms that the toilet and bidet will fit!


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