02 September 2013

Digging deep

Despite today's feelings of freedom, we have paused many times to think of the precious people of PNG. At our official departure afternoon tea last week, my team leader gave a speech about the special things she will remember most about us. I have already mentioned this on a previous post but I mention it here agin because of what it tells us about the people of PNG. Of all the things I have done for them, she thanked me for teaching them how to use the calendar facility in MS Outlook. Yes, something that the rest of the world takes for granted had been the biggest learning for her. This confounds me. Had previous bosses really not taken the time to understand what they knew and to develop them? I guess I will never know the answer to that question...and I don't really need to know he answer. It is enough for me to know that at some point I stopped make assumptions about them and dug a little deeper...


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