28 September 2013

The tradition of tea

Is there anything more beautiful and timeless than the tea ceremony? I think not. At the annual Toowoomba Flower Festival, the Anglican church gathers a collection of treasures associated with tea and displays them in their church hall for the duration of the festival. It's called the Teapot Festival and I was lucky enough to visit it today. On arrival I found colourful tea towels suspended from the ceiling and shelves and display cabinets full of carefully selected and placed teapots, cups, saucers and cake plates. Some collections were elegantly antiquated while others were playfully themed and still others were bright moderns. All of the collections were placed on similarly themed tablecloths or backdrops and the cafe room off to one side of the hall contained tables with teapot themed tablecloths draped over them and walls covered in aprons! I took several photographs of the well presented displays with a view to transferring them to canvas at Canelli...



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  1. I really enjoyed the teapot display, it unfortunately makes my collection appear a little inferior, still nothing beats a "cuppa" from an antique teapot :-)


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