13 September 2013

Glory without the pain

The nights have been cold on the shore of the dam where our campsite is. One night was 3 degrees which is shocking for Queenslanders but perhaps not so shocking for 2 people who spent a winter in a stone house in Italy and could only raise the inside temperature to 13 degrees. Then, we escaped to our electric blankets. Here, we slot ourselves into our duck down sleeping bags which actually do the same thing! Last night promised a wild storm, with rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightening. But it moved around us so in the end we had a glorious display of nature's volatility without any of the pain. Many of you know that we will soon return to our life of simplicity. This camping experience has paved the way. I have been constantly reminded of our simple needs for water, food and shelter every time I plan a meal, close the tent up at night or collect kindling for our campfire.



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